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My name is Agnieszka. I love to spend time alone, with a good coffee, engulfed in a book. But even more I like the time spent with my husband and the kids. And then there is my photo time…​


I fell in love with photography about 2 years ago, when I discovered that my kids were growing up too fast. I started to photograph my children more.


Asked by a few moms to photograph their kids, I discovered that photographing kids and families gave me so much joy. I loved to look at parents’ reactions when I showed them my work. This is why I am choosing to photograph families and kids. I am happy to know that, some day in the future, these parents will look at my photographs and remember those happy days back when their kids were little.


Families and children have become my favorite subject in photography. I feel strongly that the best environment for such photos is outside, surrounded by nature.


I am committed to delivering excellent photography services to each and every client. I promise to provide a relaxed, friendly, and fun atmosphere that will help my subjects feel confident and glad to be placing their photo needs in my hands.

I will not spare my time, talents, or energy on attaining these objectives.

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Tel: 414-248-7268

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